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“The transformational leader in us needs to step up and lead our leaders to do what should be natural–help them to have conversations about performance.”

- Julian Chapman


Meet Julian

​​Julian Chapman has over three decades of experience engaging teams and organizations, from small groups to thousands of employees, building their leadership capability. His leadership knowledge is augmented by his 30+ year "second" career as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces from which he retired in 2014 at the rank of Brigadier-General. He joined Forrest & Company in 2002, taking over as President of the company in 2015.


Julian travels extensively to assist Forrest's clients in designing solutions to achieve extraordinary results using the Forrest methodologies. Known as a pioneer of thinking in the workplace, Julian is a master trainer in Effective IntelligenceTM, which he brings to organizations through keynote addresses or assisting individuals and teams in solving problems through effective thinking. His thoughts on leadership, organizational development, and accountability have been published in HR Reporter Magazine, CPA Bottom Line Newspaper, and HR Professional magazine.


Recent consulting projects include:

  • Shepherding an international manufacturing firm to articulate its strategy, define its structure  and then enable its leaders to effectively deliver the strategy;

  • Auditing and making recommendations to the structure of a sizeable Canada-wide engineering firm to identify opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness while enabling the company to enhance its reputation with customers and stakeholders;

  • Assessing the structure and systems of a large international gold mining company to enhance the accountability systems in place while ensuring the business was efficient and effective;

  • Developing bespoke management systems for various business sectors to fulfill their strategic plans. Most notably was a complete roll-out through a sizeable Canadian utility to enhance their corporate reputation;

  • Customizing and instilling core leadership practices for various businesses to enable the implementation of accountability management systems; and

  • Ongoing consulting work with CEOs and C suites of various sectors to enhance their organizations' capabilities.


In his spare time, Julian is a member of the Board of Directors of Wounded Warriors Canada, a charitable foundation that provides support for veterans, focusing on those suffering from PTSD. He co-founded a charitable foundation for the Canadian Rangers of Northern Ontario that primarily supports at-risk aboriginal youth.


Julian holds a BA from the University of Toronto. He is a graduate of the Canadian Army Command and Staff College and the Canadian Forces College, and an alumnus of the U.S. Army War College. He lives in Toronto and is married to Wendy, with whom he has four children.

Julian has been added to the impressive roster of Marquis Who's Who, a notable register of leader biographies, as well as been highlighted as a “Who’s Who” Top Executive for 2023.


Forrest & Company is an organizational transformation firm.


We are experts in identifying, developing and releasing the potential in leaders and their organizations, providing our clients with a strategic competitive advantage.


We engage our clients closely. We have the expertise to examine leaders, organizations and issues at all levels – strategic, operational and tactical. We then develop solutions, working with our clients from initiation through implementation. The result is dramatically improved performance and accelerated achievement of strategy.


Forrest is a full service firm. We offer our clients – through consulting, training, coaching and facilitation – the most effective integrated system available for organizational, team and individual transformation:

  • Developing strategy and planning implementation

  • Optimizing organizational structure and clarifying role accountabilities

  • Developing leadership and management ability

Image by Miha Rekar

"Our job as leaders is to face challenges and manage the risks for our people. In our society, we have lost sight of the old military adage of mission, men (people), and me. Instead, it has been replaced with me, mission, and then the people."

- Julian Chapman

Julian Chapman

As there are various topics with rich content that Julian shares, he merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and embolden any audience. ​While the Julian routinely delivers custom content, his most popular topics include:

  • Managerial leadership and the art of managing managers.

  • How to identify, develop and release the potential in leaders and their organizations, providing them with a strategic competitive advantage.

  • The book - The Managerial Leadership Journey: An Unconventional Business Pursuit.

If you are interested in learning more about how Julian would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

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“Julian Chapman is a deeply thoughtful coach, mentor, and leader. He is a living example of his argument that leadership is a craft of lifelong learning, and his book is the product of this masterful craftsman. Life is never black and white – the situations we face as managerial leaders always need nuanced understanding in order to provide maximum clarity in how we achieve our strategic organizational objectives. Chapman lays out the mileposts for how to do just that – it should be required reading for all managerial leaders.”
- The Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, Executive Director, First United Mission

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